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Welcome to Cute Guild on Silkyon Server!!

    Cute is an active guild in the DarkLegion nation.  We currently control Milan and intend to hold onto it... we hope!  We run guild dungeons often and nation dungeons when they are available.  Guild crafting is mostly constant, at least until Bubble blows all of his money on a shiny piece of gum.  We have no real rules; just be excellent to each other.  Did I miss anything?
Guild News

A Hearty Cute Welcome to All of Our New People!!!

ChartreuseThrenody, Nov 6, 10 6:16 PM.
Thanks for joining us! We're gonna have a blast! And if anyone needs any help ever, just ask!  Also, if you have any ideas for the website or any articles and whatnot you want to add, please feel free to harass me (Chicanery) about it.  <3

Boredom Overwhelms Cute Web Mistress

ChartreuseThrenody, Sep 8, 10 9:30 PM.
Cute's Web Mistress, Threnody, has gotten exceedingly bored while waiting for maintenance to complete.  She has added stuff, changed stuff, and posted in the forums.  She also has been watching the chat area but no one has come to speak with her.  This made her sad.  Won't anyone come and join her?

Cute Receives Website!

ChartreuseThrenody, Aug 30, 10 5:38 AM.
Cute Website Activated

    Wheeeee... Threnody has delivered on an excellent website.  This is mainly for crafting lists to reference for guild crafting and who to pester when you just can't seem to get nation to give you that skill up you need.  But all of the other goodies and trinkets are in full swing as well.  Use them to your heart's content.
We're getting kind of full! Only accepting exceptional players! Please see our Forums to apply!
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ChartreuseThrenody (Chicanery)
Web Mistress
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Chief Officer
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